The First Entrepreneurial Engineering Defense at HSA Mostaganem


Date: August 2, 2023


Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem


On August 2, 2023, a new and exciting chapter was written at the Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem. On this day, the school witnessed its first engineering defense (startup), centered around the innovative idea of “Development of a new feed formula (granules + BSF) for captive adult Houbara Bustard (Unidilata undilata clamediotis).” This event marked a significant fusion of entrepreneurial ingenuity and scientific curiosity.

At the heart of this memorable milestone is Mr. Derkaoua Hadj Miloud, guided by Dr. Djelmoudi Younes and co-guided by Prof. Bouderoua Kaddour. The relentless efforts of these mentors and Mr. Derkaoua Hadj Miloud led to the attainment of a degree falling within the framework of a startup/micro enterprise or patent, in accordance with Ministerial Decree 1275. This achievement is a testament to HSA Mostaganem’s commitment to nurturing innovative minds.

The core of Mr. Derkaoua Hadj Miloud’s thesis, developed in collaboration with the Nâama Wildlife Reserve, revolves around the meticulous creation of a feed formula. This ingenious formula seamlessly combines nutritious granules with larvae of the black soldier fly (BSF), aiming to optimally address the nutritional requirements of captive adult Houbara Bustards (Unidilata undilata clamediotis).

And the story continues, for this idea not only managed to capture attention but has also been accepted for patent filing. August 2, 2023, will be etched in HSA Mostaganem’s history as the day a significant step towards the future was taken. The achievement of Mr. Derkaoua Hadj Miloud, under the thoughtful guidance of Dr. Djelmoudi Younes and Prof. Bouderoua Kaddour, exemplifies the positive impact of agronomy and entrepreneurial innovation. This convergence of science, entrepreneurship, and wildlife preservation paints a promising future where ingenuity and sustainability walk hand in hand.

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