On the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem in collaboration with the College CACEG CONSULTING have celebrated this international event during three days (20, 21 and 22 November 2022) at the Higher School of Agronomy.

During these three days a rich and varied program was offered to students and teachers of the College of Agronomy including conferences on, among other things, support tools for business creation and entrepreneurship, rural entrepreneurship and solidarity networks, entrepreneurship and sustainable development as well as the use of digital technology for entrepreneurship. Conferences were also given on the incubation process as well as on the modalities of application of the decree 1275 relating to the diploma-startup projects.

During the second day of the event, workshops on the processes of business creation and the management of the development project cycle were organized for the benefit of teachers and students of ESAM (a total of 75 students participated in the workshops).

These activities were provided by :

Mr. Kaddour BOUDEROUA:

Director of HSA Mostaganem


Graduate of ENA – Algiers, Master in Development Finance -IFID-Tunis. Expert consultant and trainer on the programs financed by the European Union in Algeria. Former Inspector General of Finance -IGF- Ministry of Finance.

Mr. Karim CHEIKH:

Doctoral student in Innovation Management – Expert consultant – ex Director of the TECHNOBRIDGE incubator at the National Agency of Technology Parks of Sidi Abdellah -Alger. Teacher at the ESG -Alger -Expert consultant Director of the firm Bexieconsulting.

Mr. Mohamed Amokrane ABDELLI:

Expert in development project support. Doctoral student at the University of Perpignan-France.

Mrs. Farida AIT KACI:

Agricultural engineer, graduate of INA – Algiers, expert consultant in local development, coordinator of the IUCN program (Spain) in Algeria on the projects of creation of income generating activities (IGA). Specialized diploma in rural development and project management from IAMM – Montpellier.

Mr. Hadj Adda BENTOUNES :

President of the Scientific Committee of the Mediterranean Foundation for Sustainable Development -JANATU AL ARIF -Mostaganem.

Mr. Djamel LABDAOUI :

Doctor in Agronomy/ Responsible for the Office of Liaison Enterprise University (University of Mostaganem).

Mr. Younes BOURMITA :

PhD in Agronomy/Head of Department, Cycle 2

Mr. Zine Eddine LABDAOUI :

Doctor in Agronomy/Ex co-manager SmartAgency “event communication agency”.

Mr. Rachid BOUKHARI :

Doctor in Agronomy/ Director of the ESAM incubator.

The event was closed by a debate session and proposal of recommendations and finally the distribution of certificates to the speakers and workshop participants

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