Training for teachers: How to make pedagogical videos?

We are excited to share with you some photos taken on the last day of the first training session for teachers at our school. This training, titled “How to make pedagogical videos?” was conducted over a period of 6 hours and was led by Dr. Labdaoui Zine Eddine, communication manager at the Higher School of Agronomy of Mostaganem.
This training was an excellent opportunity for our teachers to learn best practices for creating high-quality pedagogical videos and improving their teaching through the use of multimedia resources. We are proud of our teaching team for their commitment and willingness to continue learning and improving.
We would like to thank Dr. Labdaoui Zine Eddine for his expertise and dedication to improving the quality of education in our school. We look forward to seeing the results of this training in our classrooms!

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