Join the Entrance Exam for the Mostaganem School of Agronomy!

Cultivate Your Scientific Future in Agronomy.

Dear students in Natural and Life Sciences,

Do you dream of flourishing in the field of agronomy and becoming a leader in this thriving sector? The Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem offers you this unique opportunity!

We are proud to announce our entrance exam designed for the most talented and passionate students. If you are among the top students in your class, with a GPA of 13.00/20 or above, have not taken any resit exams, and have not repeated a year, you are eligible to participate in this prestigious competition.

Our school of agronomy is renowned for its excellent education, and competent faculty. By joining us, you will benefit from rigorous and comprehensive training that will prepare you to tackle the exciting challenges of the agronomy world.

Do not miss this chance to bring your scientific ambitions to life and become part of a community of dedicated students and researchers. Apply now to join the Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem!

Exam Date: July 3, 2023

For more information and registration, please contact us

Together, let’s cultivate your scientific future!

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