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Introduction to the School

The Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem (HSAM) is a public institution of higher education established in 2013 as a Preparatory School in Natural and Life Sciences, and then transformed into a Higher School of Agronomy in 2017. It is under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Missions of the School

HSAM fulfills two main missions: higher education and scientific research.

Higher Education

The Higher School Agronomy of Mostaganem offers higher education programs in agronomy, covering various fields such as agricultural production, agro-industry, environment, and rural development. HSAM’s training programs are designed to meet the needs of companies and organizations in the agricultural sector while providing career opportunities for its students.

The programs offered by HSAM are accessible to high school graduates and students holding equivalent diplomas, subject to selection through competitive exams. The courses are taught by a competent and qualified professor team, composed of lecturers and professionals from the sector.

Scientific Research

The Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem is also committed to scientific research, innovation, monitoring, technology transfer, and development. It conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of agronomy, in collaboration with national and international partners.

HSAM has well-equipped research laboratories and an experimental platform for conducting its research work. It also participates in research projects funded by national and international organizations.

In summary, the Higher School of Agronomy Mostaganem (HSAM) is an institution of higher education and scientific research that aims to train competent professionals and contribute to the development of the agricultural sector in Algeria. Its commitment to education and research in agronomy makes it a reference institution in its field.

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